What to do on long layovers?


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I have an international trip coming up, the flight back has a 10.5hr layover in Miami overnight. Can I leave the airport to go sleep at a hotel? Do I have to claim my checked bags or do I leave them at the airport? What happens in these situations?

I’m a US citizen.

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Staying in a Capsule Hotel

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Nightlife in Japan is ruled by an incredibly powerful force, one that many seldom dare reckon with– the last train. If you miss your last train home, usually around midnight, the choices are slim: you can either take a taxi at exorbitant prices, or stay out, hopefully intoxicated, till the first train about 5 hours later. You could also get a hotel, but that’s a little too expensive for most people. $100 just for a bed to sleep in for 8 hours? No way!

Or, you could stay in a capsule hotel for about 1/3 of the price.


Instead of rooms, capsule hotels are made up of individual Space-age-looking pods, essentially human-sized drawers containing nothing but a bed, and perhaps a small TV on the roof your capsule. A typical one measures maybe 6.5 feet (2m) long by 3 feet (1m) tall. There’s just barely enough room to sit up…

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How To Guide to Planning Vacations…and Enjoying It!

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For many people, a large deterrent of going on a vacation is the lengthy planning process. For me, it’s nearly the best part! I love the excitement of looking up new cities, checking flights, scouring the web for ideas, finding the best restaurants and booking tours and activities. There are so many recourses now, it truly doesn’t take much effort to plan a vacation.  Below, I’ll list some of my favorite websites to use and a timeline of the process. If you are tired of the same old all-inclusive resorts and cruises, learn how you can plan the trip of a lifetime below!


  • I love looking up travel destinations on my Pinterest app. I pin info on activities, locations, travel photos, budgets, clothing and apparel choices, etc for each destination I go. You can even create separate boards for each city you’d like to visit, if you want to…

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