I want to see the world but I want to do it a bit more comfortably

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The idea of sharing a $10 hostel room with 12 other people where I have to watch my belongings doesn’t appeal to me. Sorry if that seems a bit stuck up or whatever but that’s just what I prefer. I have nothing against backpacking etc but I like not having to worry about my things while I’m out.


10 years is a long time to let land lay relatively untouched in such a robust and lush environment

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As a result, it took quite a lot of work just to clear enough wild overgrowth on the land before they were able to plant anything. The decision of what they would grow wouldn’t be determined until Rhonda returned home with a cacao pod in hand, inspired from attending the Big Island Chocolate Festival.


There are 4 key values that we find important when traveling: improving our environmental impact, deeper personal experiences, more meaningful social relations, and supporting the local economy

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Choices with financial savings CAN put more stress on the environmental aspect (for example plane versus train or car), but not always. For food, the cheapest price should be local products. So preferably a street market instead of a supermarket full of imported products. And if you do shop in a supermarket try to find the local produce instead of imported avocados or bananas. For us, the nutritional part matters as well. We could eat cup noodles every day and spent around 1 EUR on food but that is not in our interest. So we shop for “good” food and keep a balance between nutrition and affordable products. Wherever we can, we drink from the tap. Water is our main source of life! We don’t drink much alcohol and don’t go to cafes very often so this bill stays pretty low…


You thought you could gild your soul with a spirituality and godliness that you would find high above the common condition of mankind

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How shallow and pathetic you are. Your hubris has led you here, to a pointless death and terminal insignificance